Friday, 28 August 2015

Erica Lüttich - Boitumelo & 'Karos vir die Karoo'

Erica Lüttich is the Creative Director of Boitumelo, established in Hillbrow in 2001 as a centre offering training and skills development for adults and youth alike. Boitumelo offers a space in which people are can learn life skills and develop creative techniques in arts and crafts, while generating income for both themselves and Boitumelo. So why are Erica and Boitomelo interested in the Karoo geoglyphs?

On her way to the Matjiesfontein Community Hall

“Participation in projects such as the Snake Eagle Thinking Path uses the arts as a way of communicating with society by extending creative journeys and enabling local artists and crafters to explore different techniques. We have started a project we call ‘Karos vir die Karoo’, which is working with communities in Karoo towns from De Doorns to Matjiesfontein to Colesburg along the N1, to create 3000 Art Blankets. These blankets will be knitted, crocheted, quilted, weaved and knotted from found objects, donated materials and recycled waste material. When completed the blankets will be laid out over the Karoo land, symbolising ‘protection’ for this semi-arid desert landscape and raising awareness of and interest in the Karoo, including the socio-economic needs of its communities. Over the next three years, workshops are planned in each town along the N1 to share skills and work on the blankets, helping to build social cohesion and shifting perceptions.
“I believe the ideas behind each art project must first be well-researched. My involvement in the art-making process at Boitumelo lets me explore, learn and teach new techniques and craft ideas together with the crafters. Through the creative process of making, and the working together of many hands and hearts, the artwork becomes defined and communicated to its viewers.”

 Erica enjoys a well-earned glass of wine after feeding a hungry team!

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