Wednesday, 5 August 2015

First there was an idea, then a design and then the hard work ...

The first 'recce' to Matjiesfontein took place in February 2014, and by September of that year work started in earnest on the Snake Eagle Thinking Path. A year later we're ready to launch. From design to launch, we'd like to share some images.

 The Snake Eagle design
Photo Credit: Erica Luttich

Marking the Snake Eagle out in the veld
Photo Credits: Jessie Doucha

Easier said than done! Anni Snyman and PC Janse van Rensburg
figuring it out.
Photo Credit: Erica Luttich

The tools arrive and the hard work begins.
 Janet Bezuidenhout takes a well-deserved breather.
Photo Credits: Jessie Doucha

To be continued ...

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