Thursday, 13 August 2015

Introducing more of our team members

More than 30 people have been part of the Snake Eagle Thinking Path project, from artists to scientists, community workers and 'jackies-of-all-trades' helping out wherever they can. This diverse and voluntary collaboration makes the project so interesting and fun to work and play on. Meet some more team members. 

Terry de Vries (left) and Cally Henderson looking over photos - Terry specialises in building meanders and has a PhD in Everything! 
(You met Cally in a previous post.)
Photo Credit: katty vandenberghe

Erynne Ewart-Phipps is the youngest member of the team, and 
a powerful land artist.
Photo Credit: katty vandenberghe

katty vandenberghe is Site_Specific's media co-ordinator, documenting and
 archiving the projects, setting up and managing our social media, and more
- a very busy person!
Photo Credit: Janet Botes

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