Friday, 7 August 2015

The Orange 'Mymertent'

An orange tent was set up on the Snake Eagle Thinking Path site. We call it 'die Mymertent' or 'Meditation' tent. It provided the artists and volunteers with a shaded space where they could put their belongings, food and water while we worked on the path.

The Orange 'Mymertent"
Photo Credit: Erica Luttich

It was also a place where we could take time out to draw, write or meditate on the myriad impressions and thoughts that arise when working in nature all day.

At the same time it signalled that we were 'at work' and that anyone was welcome to join us, to help, to chat or just to watch.

We intend the tent to become a living sculpture, adding layers and panels to the original dome-shaped frame as we go on to create more, different Karoo Geoglyphs.

#SiteSpecificGeoglyphs #SnakeEagleThinkingPath #meditate #livingsculpture #nature

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