Monday, 3 August 2015

The Karoo Geoglyphs

The Karoo Geoglyphs are thinking paths or meanders created in various parts of the Karoo in South Africa.  Walking these paths, we are encouraged to contemplate and meditate on how we approach and treat our only home - Earth. 

The first of these Geoglyphs was the Earth Siren, created in 2009 as part of AfrikaBurn in the Tankwa Karoo. It was walked by the Burners at the event, but as a temporary geoglyph it soon disappeared back into nature.  The Earth Siren is the outline of a snake woman, an ancient and almost universal symbol for the earth goddess.

Google Earth captured the Earth Siren before it disappeared

The Richmond Riverine Rabbit was a small symbolic meander created at the Richmond Boekefees (Book Festival) in 2012. The Riverine Rabbit, also a temporary geoglyph, represented one of the most endangered mammals in the world, found only in the South African Karoo region.

The Riverine Rabbit. Photo Credit: Damon Chatz & Jade Holing

The Snake Eagle Thinking Path in Matjiesfontein, to be launched on 5-6 September 2015, is the first permanent geoglyph in the Karoo Geoglyphs series. It honours a pair of Black Chested Snake Eagles that live in the area.

The Snake Eagle Thinking Path. Photo Credit: Lance Foster, Fluid Films

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