Thursday, 27 August 2015

katty vandenberghe - digital and multimedia artist and designer

katty vandenberghe is a digital and multimedia artist and designer working in the visual arts, design and activist arena. As a media and publishing specialist she supports NGO and NPO projects, focusing on issues of gender, sexuality, race, environment and animal rights. She has worked in the science, advertising, publishing, education and visual arts industries. Her love of creative collaboration finds her participating in group efforts where she brings her particular skill set and talents to a collective outcome. Her current media focus is photography, videography and animation. katty is self-employed at [•]squareDot Media.

katty tells us about her role on the project. “I’ve been documenting and publishing the Snake Eagle Thinking Path and Karoo Geoglyphs story via social media and the Site_Specific website. Through photography, videography and writing I shared details about our trips down to Matjiesfontein, introducing each new team member to our online audience. We like to extend our projects from the physical into the virtual realm, pulling closer an international audience who are invested and interested in what we do. To date I’ve also edited three short clips on the project, two of which are online, and I am in the process of making a short ‘how we did it’ documentary on the project.”

katty’s involvement in the Site_Specific land art collective has grown out of a long journey walked with old friends, and building working relationships that have spanned the design, education and visual arts arena. It has everything to do with wanting to make an impact on how we treat each other and nature.

katty vandenberghe making wheat-free banana dessert in the Lord Milner Hotel staff kitchen. Site_Specific team members would gather in the staff kitchen in the evenings to share a meal (and a glass or two of wine). Photo Credit: Janet Botes.

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